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Our Organisation – worldwide

In 2003, Sri Kaleshwar assigned Gustav Vigneshwara to create an organisation that will support all of his students worldwide. As Swami explained to Vigneshwara, the music is one of three pillars on which his entire mission stands: the knowledge, the music and the finances. He said: “you have to take care of the music!”

Sri Kaleshwar named a few students that he wanted to focus their spiritual sadhana on the music. Four of these students are taking care of all activities: Sabeenamayi, Veemala, Falk and Vigneshwara. The group is taking all major decisions together.

The organisation takes care of different areas: training and support of students, providing performances, producing new music and establishing communication.

Our main focus is the training and support of the students and the inspiration of people with bhajans. That is why we set up workshops, training courses, personal lessons and provide training material. Shiva Sai Mandir Music also sets up concerts and tours, collaborates with other musicians and composes new bhajans and songs to carry Sri Kaleshwar’s message and energy into the world.

We are happy to come to your place and support your local group. Send us an email here with your ideas and contact information and we will do our very best to support you!