Shiva Sai Mandir Music

Unsere Vision

The songs of Penukonda changed our lives.

This is music that is both fun and powerfully personal. It has had a deep and profoundly supportive effect on us and we want to share it with you. The music of Penukonda, called bhajans, are a celebration of our relationship with all the wonderful myriad aspects of the Source.

People have told us that the songs wash their hearts and souls leaving them feeling content, relaxed, refreshed and grateful. Enjoying and singing bhajans brings us to a sublime sense of inner silence and peace. In India, there is a term, sangeetha prakshalina, meaning healing through the vibrations of music.

All around the world people are coming together and learning this music. We train musicians that have never had the courage to sing before and experienced musicians that are searching for a deeper relationship to their music. It is a blessing for us to share this with you. Join this big family singing together!

Our Vision is… make the Indian bhajans in the style of Penukonda available to everyone. unify all students of our teacher Sri Kaleshwar to create the field of energy that it takes to change this world into a better one and to serve mankind. make the people remember who they are, while listening to this music offer a space of healing and decharging and to raise the consciousness.

.. to bundle the power of all musicians amongst the students of Sri Kaleshwar and create a space of inspiriation.