Shiva Sai Mandir Music

Bhajan Training Vol. 1

Shiva Sai Mandir Music is happy to announce that the first “Bhajan Training, Vol. 1” is now available for download. These audio files were recorded by Gustav Vigneshwara and Sabeenamayi in a forest far away from villages and cities with the sounds of nature; of birds singing and the gentle winds. This first volume focuses you, as a Kaleshwar Bhajan beginner or practitioner, on the top 5 bhajans Sri Kaleshwar likes and dives you deeper into the heart of singing and playing bhajans.

Each bhajan comes with 4 tracks: The first track is telling you what the bhajan means. The second track gives you an explanation of the melody. The third track is the melody of the bhajan sung by Gustav along with instrumentation. And the fourth is an instrumental track to sing along to. You can even play along with your guitar or drum to learn how to play the bhajan. These valuable SSMM bhajan trainings are multi-dimensional, giving you the opportunity to listen, learn, and practice. Have fun!

First reactions to the bhajan training files:

“Oh how wonderful!!! Dear Sabeena and Gustav, listening to the karaoke recordings is sooo inspiring! Thank you for creating this! The explanation of the meaning for each bhajan is very helpful. The track where you only hear the melody is fantastic – it is very helpful to practise with it. The backing track (without singing) is also great. It works really well to sing along as a single student or even as a group. I can see small bhajan groups doing a whole bhajan evening with these recordings, even if nobody can play an instrument (what is a common issue for many students). The unique energy of Shiva Sai Mandir Music is clearly there and Shirdi Sai Baba is totally present.