807 May the love we’re sharing (210)


807 May the love we’re sharing (210)
In the attachments below you will find the guitar chords for this bhajan.
In den Attachments unten findet ihr die Gitarren Akkorde zu diesem Bhajan.
V příloze níže naleznete kytarové akordy pro tento bhadžan.


807 May the love we’re sharing (210)

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807 May the love we’re sharing (210)

May the love we’re sharing spread its wings,
fly across the earth and bring new joy
to every soul, to every soul.


807 May the love we’re sharing (210)
May the love we’re sharing

Bhajan Training

807 May the love we’re sharing (210)
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807 May the love we’re sharing (210)
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807 May the love we’re sharing (210)

2009-02-08 Sankirtanacharia & SSMM
Comment: On January 2, 2009, with the Divine Blessings of his Divine Master, Shirdi Sai Baba, Dr. Sri Sai Kaleshwar Swami and his wife Shilpa gave with their love 2000 tricycles to the handicapped and poor from Ananthapur District.

This day also marked Swami’s 5th Wedding Anniversary Day. All the poor and their families were also fed by the Ashram.

Swami gave a small talk in which he said: “If you are not respecting the Humanity, you can not respect the God.”

2014-02-04 Sankirtanacharia & SSMM
Comment: May the Love We Share…

During the Christmas Meditation Program 2013 the inspiration came up to share pictures of charitable activities that students of Sri Kaleshwar initiated and implemented here in Europe. You will also see recent pictures of Baba’s Feeding Project in Brno, Czech Republic. Every sunday, up to 100 homeless people receive a meal. Because of generous donations to the Sri Kaleshwar NGO in Germany, this feeding project can continue for another year; every sunday, students of Sri Kaleshwar in Brno will take care of it. Thank you! Please continue to send in pictures and articles about your activities – we want to create some space on the website so that by sharing about what we do, we can inspire each other.


May the love we share…

Während des Weihnachts-Meditationsprogramms 2013 kam die Inspiration auf, Bilder von Charity-Aktionen zu teilen, die Studenten hier in Europa initiiert und umgesetzt haben. Ihr seht hier auch aktuelle Bilder von Babas Tafel in Brünn, Tschechien. Jeden Sonntag wird dort Essen an bis zu 100 Obdachlose ausgegeben. Dank großzügiger Spenden an den Sri Kaleshwar e.V. kann dieses Projekt nun ein weiteres Jahr regelmäßig jede Woche von Kaleshwar-Studenten in Brünn weitergeführt werden. Vielen lieben Dank! Sendet uns gerne weiterhin Bilder und Beiträge eurer Aktionen – wir möchten auf der Website dafür einen Platz einräumen, so dass wir uns gegenseitig in unserem Handeln inspirieren können.

“We are one family, the family of true love. The love of God.”
— Sri Kaleshwar



807 May the love we’re sharing
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