324 Jay Ambe (65A)


324 Jay Ambe (65A)
In the attachments below you will find the guitar chords for this bhajan. 2012-12-25 Veemala & SSMM was played on the 4th fret.

In den Attachments unten findet ihr die Gitarren Akkorde zu diesem Bhajan. 2012-12-25 Veemala & SSMM wurde auf dem vierten Bund gespielt.

V příloze níže naleznete kytarové akordy pro tento bhadžan. 2012-12-25 Veemala & SSMM byl hrán na čtvrtém pražci.


324 Jay Ambe (65A)

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30-08-2020 chords added


324 Jay Ambe (65A)

Jay Ambe Jagadambe Mata Bhavani Jay Ambe
Duka Vinashini Durga Jaya Jaya
Kala Vinashini Kali Jaya Jaya
Uma Ramaa Brahmani Jaya Jaya
Radha Rukamini Sita Jaya Jaya

Victory (Jay) to the Mother (Ambe), Mother of the universe (Jagadambe). Victory to Mother (Mata) Bhavani, consort of Bhava, who is pure existence. Victory to Durga, who destroys (Vinashini) misfortune (Dukha). Victory to Kali, who annihilates time (Kala). Victory to tranquil Uma (another name for Parvati, consort of Shiva), Ramaa (the rejoicing, another name for Sita, consort of Rama) and Brahmani (consort of Brahma). Victory to Radha (divine love of Sri Krishna) and Rukamini, the golden One, who is Sri Lakshmi herself.


324 Jay Ambe (65A)
Jay Ambe

Bhajan Training

324 Jay Ambe (65A)


324 Jay Ambe (65A)

2012-12-25 Veemala & SSMM

2014-02-27 Sabeenamayi & SSMM
Comment: This bhajan was sung and recorded in a beautiful full moon night in September 2013 in Lorsch, Germany. From the Album Full Moon Concert (2014)


324 Jay Ambe (65A)


324 Jay Ambe
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