313 Jaya Ma Jaya Ma Jaya Ma (55)


313 Jaya Ma Jaya Ma Jaya Ma

Jaya Ma Jaya Ma Jaya Ma
Prema Mayi Sai Ma Gnyana Mayi Sai Ma
Jaya Ma Jaya Ma Jaya Ma
Shiva Shakti Rupini Sai Ma Sadananda Rupini Sai Ma
Jaya Ma Jaya Ma (2x)
Parabrahma Rupini Sai Ma Tumhi Moksha Pradayini Ma
Jaya Ma Jaya Ma (2x)

Oh Mother (Ma), we praise (Jaya) You over and over again. You are the Mother (Mayi Sai) of Divine Love (Prema) and true knowledge (Gnyana). Your sweet form (Rupini) appears to us as the principles of Shiva and Shakti. You are the never ending bliss (Sadananda). You are the embodiment (Rupini) of Universal Absolute (Para Brahma). You (Tumhi) give (Pradayini) us liberation (Moksha) from death and birth. Oh Mother, praise, praise to You!


313 Jaya Ma Jaya Ma Jaya Ma

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Posted On: March 27th, 2019
Last Edit: September 25th, 2019
New Number: 313
Old Number: 55

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313 Jaya Ma Jaya Ma Jaya Ma

Bhajan Training

313 Jaya Ma Jaya Ma Jaya Ma


313 Jaya Ma Jaya Ma Jaya Ma

2014-09-25 Sankirtanacharia & SSMM


313 Jaya Ma Jaya Ma Jaya Ma

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