308 Janani Sai (50)


308 Janani Sai (50)
This version was played on the 3rd fret.
Diese Version wurde auf dem dritten Bund gespielt.
This version byl hrán na třetím pražci.


308 Janani Sai (50)

Category: Mother
Posted On: February 11th, 2019
Last Edit: September 25th, 2019
New Number: 308
Old Number: 50
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26.5.19 - new video added


308 Janani Sai (50)

Janani Sai Devi Daya Mayi
Janani Ma Kripalini Ma
Tuma Ho Prema Swarupini Ma
Daya Karo Shirdi Sai Ma
Janani Devya Sai Ma

Divine (Devi) Mother (Sai Mayi) Janani, full of compassion (Daya/ Kripa), You gave birth to this universe. Mother (Ma) Janani, full of (Karo) mercy. You (Tuma) are (Ho) the embodiment (Swarupini) of divine love (Prema), oh divine (Devya) Mother Janani.


308 Janani Sai (50)
Janani Sai

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308 Janani Sai (50)
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308 Janani Sai (50)
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308 Janani Sai (50)

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