304 Devi Sai Ma (45)


304 Devi Sai Ma (45)
In the attachments below you will find the guitar chords for this bhajan.
In den Attachments unten findet ihr die Gitarren Akkorde zu diesem Bhajan.
V příloze níže naleznete kytarové akordy pro tento bhadžan.


304 Devi Sai Ma (45)

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Posted On: August 22nd, 2018
Last Edit: February 14th, 2020
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304 Devi Sai Ma (45)

Devi Sai Ma Devi Sarasvati Ma
Durga Bhavani Ma Kali Kapalini Ma
Jagadodharini Ma
Sai Daya Karo Ma
Shirdi Sai Daya Karo Ma

Divine Mother (Devi Sai Ma)! We praise You as Sarasvati, Mother of divine speech, knowledge and the art of music. We praise You also as Durga, protecting us. We praise You, Mother Bhavani, as Parvati You are the Mother of all living beings. We praise You as Kali with a necklace of skulls (Kapalini), the symbol of destroying our egos. Oh Mother, You are supporting the universe (Jagadodharini). You are full of (Karo) mercy (Daya). Mother, also Shirdi Sai, our divine master, is full of compassion.


304 Devi Sai Ma (45)
Devi Sai Ma

Bhajan Training

304 Devi Sai Ma (45)
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304 Devi Sai Ma (45)
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304 Devi Sai Ma (45)
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304 Devi Sai Ma
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