306 Durge Durge (46)


306 Durge Durge (46)
In the attachments below you will find the guitar chords for this bhajan. 2012-12-25 Sankirtanacharia & SSMM was played on the 5th fret.

In den Attachments unten findet ihr die Gitarren Akkorde zu diesem Bhajan. 2012-12-25 Sankirtanacharia & SSMM wurde auf dem fünften Bund gespielt.

V příloze níže naleznete kytarové akordy pro tento bhadžan. 2012-12-25 Sankirtanacharia & SSMM byl hrán na pátém pražci.


306 Durge Durge (46)

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306 Durge Durge (46)

Durge Durge Durge Jai Jai Ma (2-3x)
Karuna Sagarini Ma
Kali Kapalini Ma
Jagadodharini Ma (2x)
Jagadambe Jai Jai Ma (7x)
Jagadambe Ma Jagadambe Ma Jagadambe Jai Jai Ma
Jagadambe Jai Jai Ma

Victory, victory (Jay Jay) to Mother Durga! Mother (Ma), ocean (Sagarini) of compassion (Karuna). Mother Kali adorned with a garland of human skulls (Kapalini) which represent the death of the ego. Uplifter of the world (Jagadodharini), victory to the Divine Mother of the Universe (Jagadambe).


306 Durge Durge (46)
Durge Durge

Bhajan Training

306 Durge Durge (46)


306 Durge Durge (46)

Comment: The images from this slideshow were taken 2012 during the Mother Divine Festival in Penukonda, India.


306 Durge Durge

English: Here is a wonderful Bhajan sung from Gustav Vigneshwara S.A. for Mother Divine. She carries as Jagado-dharini the world/the universe, as Jagad-ambe She is the Mother from the Universe and called as Ma She is what She is – our Mother! Jay Ma!

German: Hier gibt es einen schönen Bhajan von Gustav Vigneshwara S.A. für die Mutter zum Anhören. Jagado-dharini ist diejenige, die das Universum trägt. Jagad-ambe ist die Mutter des Universums und Ma ist einfach Ma, unsere Mutter. Jay Ma!

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